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If you have suggestions for Controllers or buttons I should add to this pack, please leave a comment below!

This pack comes with a bunch of animated buttons, animated joysticks and analog Sticks, D-pads, 3 colors of Keyboards, a mouse, and 2 fonts! Perfect for button prompts and control screens, or whatever else you want to use it for.


You may use these prompts in any commercial or non-commercial products. If you have any question about how you can use them, the answer is probably yes, however you may not resell them for any reason.

Please credit me for the assets if you use them, it would be greatly appreciated.

Palette is Endesga 64 - Created by Endesga @ENDESGA

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorRetrocade Media
Tags2D, Controller, gamepad, Pixel Art, prompt
InputsGamepad (any)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Button Prompts Part 4.aseprite 19 kB
Gamepad Prompts.png 15 kB
Gamepad Spritesheets.zip 12 kB
Keyboard Prompts.png 9 kB

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una pregunta se puede modificar?



Great pack! I used the graphics for my help screen in my latest game. Thanks! -- https://xedindustries.itch.io/decaf-dungeon-a-boss-battle

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know, I've used some edited versions of this pack, in my upcoming game. Thank you!


Nice! The game looks great!


Thank you!. Great asset pack, well worth the price.

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Hey, I appreciate the offer, but I'm not interested in joining a bundle right now

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Now maybe I'm just being dumb, but how am I supposed to use these? I thought every sprite would just be a separate file, not all grouped together like this

I could try cropping them but my cropping skills are terrible so that would probably not look great

If your program has the ability to use Sprite Sheets I'd recommend using them that way, as it does come with spritesheets for each gamepad type. Otherwise, cropping isn't too hard for pixel art, just open it up in your preferred art program and select the whole button.


Hi i already bought and can i get licence of this art work to use for commercial project?


Hey, sorry I don't have an official license yet, as I'm not sure which one best fits, but in general now that you've paid for the asset you are free to use it in any commercial product, and modify it in any way you need. I just ask that you credit me in some way for the assets. You can't resell just the assets on their own. 

I'm going to look in to finding an official license to use in the future, as you're not the first person to ask. I hope this helps!



"I just ask that you credit me in some way for the assets. "

Isn't buying the asset credit already?


Buying the asset gives me money, which is great! But not credit. Credit would be a reference to Retrocade Media somewhere in a credits screen. Even if briefly, with a mention of the assets used (something like, Gamepad Icons - Retrocade Media)

Its not required, but giving credit like that is a nice thing to do. I credit Endesga on all my projects, as he created the color palette that my projects use. 


Hey! I used this asset in my game. :) https://symbiotic-labs.itch.io/containment-breach Thanks for making this!


Thank you for making this game! I just got to play through it and I absolutely loved it. It's a really fun game and I would love to see the concept expanded in the future. Felt very Carrion inspired, which isn't a bad thing. I particularly loved that you could use the final boss missiles against the human controlling it. Lots of little details like that made the game feel super polished and well thought out.

I personally of course love the inclusion of my button prompts you used the red keyboard keys in some creative ways to create menu's and I thought that was really cool. I also liked that you didn't explain mechanics until they were relevant, never new the right mouse button could be used until I was well versed with how to use the main attack and you had introduced the secondary. Really good job of teaching the player.

Loved this game, keep developing!

We are thinking of using your icons for a commercial product but wanted to see if there was any sort of license document you could provide so that we can look at it. Thanks.

Hey, I'm new to licensing, so I'll try and find the license that I follow, but effectively you're free to use and modify this and all my other asset packs as much as you want, but not to resell the pack itself. But if you want to put it in a game, video, business card, and whatever that's totally fine. I will look for that license though, thank you for asking!

Hello, I like the game assets, but I can't complete the payment for some reasons. Could you provide other payment methods?I hope you can tell me the email.


When do you release the grid based version?

There's going to be an update coming very soon, with some more spritesheets for the joysticks. Right now there are already sprite sheets for the button sets which were released some weeks back


Hi I just purchased the bundle and you have done a really nice job :). 

I'd like to ask you only a question, how can I  convert the font from GamepadPrompts.png to a font file? if there is any way

Hmmm, well I'm sure there is a way. However I honestly don't know. You would probably have to reorganize the file or run it through a program. I remember there being a free program that let you make fonts out of sprites but I don't know what it was called. If I remember the name I'll drop a link to it


Thank you

if it helps most game engines or coding languages have support for or ways to create a spritefont. Look into a spritefont for your project maybe?


i'll look into it. Now I'm using Godot but I don't think it has ways to create a spritefont but I'll try.


The lowercase Y's trigger me

There are no lowercase letters.


Capital "Y"
Lowercase "y"

In the font used on this page yea. In that font it's an uppercase letter just because it looked the best with the rest of the font


Ah okay I see. Other than that, I really like it! I could see myself using it sometime. And I could always edit it to suit my taste anyways. Great job


Hello, I've just purchased the bundle, but I'm not quite sure how to open and use these files? Would I need to buy ASEPRITE to open them? I would like to use them on Streamlabs OBS. Thanks


Png files can be opened with any image editing software. Some good free ones are Paint.net and Gimp.


Hi, just want to make sure, can we use/share a purchased asset to more than one game/ more than one game developer?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).


You may use the asset in as many projects that you are directly involved in. Please don't redistribute the asset pack for any reason, however you are free to modify and use it for your projects and sell the games it is used in. I just ask that you leave some credit to me in your game


okay, thanks


these are not grid based. do not expect to just import them and have them be auto sliced.


Spritesheet versions will be coming soon! Thank you for your feedback


A few things I think would make this pack a lot better:

- Number buttons

- F1 - F12

- Maybe remaining numpad buttons along with numbers?

- Mouse side buttons animations, most mice have at least two side buttons.

- Mouse scroll wheel with up / down / press animation

- Mouse movement. Maybe something like slight wiggle with arrows in all directions. (not sure how to indicate this, but good to show you can aim with mouse)

Personally I am currently using another pack from itch but it lacks mouse which I use for my game, so this pack would defininitely be an alternative if it got some more mouse animations.


Thank you for your feedback!


me too. if number key and function key was added,  it will be more valuable.