Viral Reload is here!

Some of you may remember the game Project Sanitize. I released it in mid 2020, and it was a game I was never really fully happy with. The past few months I've been porting the game over to Godot and polishing the heck out of it. It's got a ton of new features, new enemies, refined gameplay and more. This time around I even hired Floopy (who you can follow here), to make music for it! I also changed the name, just cause I thought the new one sounded cooler and more professional, or something like that.

I am super excited for all of you to play this newer, heavily upgraded version of the game. And I'm excited for y'all to see some of the updates that will be coming in the near future. But until then you'll just have to wait until September 30th!

Here's to the 30th!

-Ashton Arnold


Viral Reload 75 MB
Sep 14, 2021

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