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As this game been cancelled or still in the making ? very good shoot em up and hope to see it in full completion :)


This game is still in development!

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That is great news, i will be purchasing, Thank you, look forward to the full release of your Amazing Shoot Em Up :)


Thank you very much!

Great music, cool gameplay and sweet graphics! very cool :D

I had such a great time playing this shoot 'em up!! The music is so good, the controls are intuitive and super fast, the enemies are varied and the design is all that I like in a shmup ! Such a fun experience!


Thank you for the video and the praise! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Very impressive Shoot Em Up with lots of potential reminds me of  R-Type/BlazingStar and Steredenn mixed together with its own originallity, Existential Crisis 2 is a BULLET HELL Side Scrolling Shoot em up, in other words i love this game its Awesome, 6 well designed ships to choose from, each with different weapons/super Weapon, love the pixel art & music, Soon as the full version is released i will be more than happy to pay more for the asking price..Well worth it & Excellent work guys..Both Thumbs UP :)