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This game is in development limbo. Technically canceled, but may come back some day!

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Existential Crisis 2 is a Horizontal shmup currently in development by Retrocade Media.

Insert exciting back of the box text to get you excited about my game


Unfinished. Please check back later for more.


Choose from 6 unique characters and ships, as well as a group of secret characters to battle the Allis!

Each character has a unique super attack to obliterate enemies with!

4 different difficulty modes for every player:

  • Easy - Like Normal except you can continue from anywhere.
  • Normal - The recommended difficulty for beginners
  • Hard - Extra patterns and functions added to enemies
  • Explosive - For the true high score chaser, it's like hard with a lot more bullets to scrape

Several gameplay modes:

  • Story!
  • Arcade!
  • Time Attack!
  • Practice!

A 2 Player mode that has been described as: 

"It's like playing as tails, you can let your little brother play and it's entirely inconsequential"

That's not entirely accurate but I thought the quote was funny!

Features a text synthesization announcer!

A myriad of cheat codes to modify the game with (Most of which disable high scores)

Full controller support with customizable controls and button prompts for each controller type! 

Toggle Free Play! Try the CRT filter! Toggle Controller Vibration! Make the game even more pixelley, and more in the options menu! 


While you're not holding down the shoot button you will receive a constant flow of points, which are multiplied by the point multiplier.

To build the point multiplier you kill enemies and scrape enemy bullets.

The point multiplier has no cap but is reset when you die.

The point multiplier will drain by 1/3 and reset the timer if you are hit.

The point multiplier will start draining if it has been 1.5 seconds since the last time you built it up.

You can collect BONUSES at various points in a level. These bonuses will award 750 points, times your current score multiplier.

While you are using your super you will stop receiving flow points however you can continue to build your multiplier.

A large portion of scoring includes end of level bonuses. You get a bonus for:

  • Lives left at the end of the level
  • Health left at the end of the level
  • % of enemies killed
  • No miss bonus
  • Amount of bullets scraped
  • Time bonus on a boss
  • Bonus for saving the spacemen in each level


Screenshots are of in development versions of the game. Everything is subject to change

Title Screen (With CRT Filter)

Character Select on Normal difficulty

Character Select on Explosive difficulty

How To on Explosive difficulty

Gameplay on Normal

Gameplay on Explosive difficulty

One of the many supers in action

The demo contains the first three levels of the game. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please leave a comment!

Palette is Endesga 64 - Created by Endesga @ENDESGA


Existential Crisis Win32.zip 124 MB
Existential Crisis Win64.zip 128 MB

Install instructions

Extract the files and run the .exe to play!

Up and Shoot is pretty neat.

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As this game been cancelled or still in the making ? very good shoot em up and hope to see it in full completion :)


This game is still in development!

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That is great news, i will be purchasing, Thank you, look forward to the full release of your Amazing Shoot Em Up :)


Thank you very much!

Great music, cool gameplay and sweet graphics! very cool :D

I had such a great time playing this shoot 'em up!! The music is so good, the controls are intuitive and super fast, the enemies are varied and the design is all that I like in a shmup ! Such a fun experience!


Thank you for the video and the praise! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Very impressive Shoot Em Up with lots of potential reminds me of  R-Type/BlazingStar and Steredenn mixed together with its own originallity, Existential Crisis 2 is a BULLET HELL Side Scrolling Shoot em up, in other words i love this game its Awesome, 6 well designed ships to choose from, each with different weapons/super Weapon, love the pixel art & music, Soon as the full version is released i will be more than happy to pay more for the asking price..Well worth it & Excellent work guys..Both Thumbs UP :)