The Boss Update is here! All new 8-way directional movement, 2 Bosses (with more to come!), upgraded shot, and an amaaazing Intro! The games been re-balanced as well to get harder quicker. Please leave feedback in the comments, this game will be receiving more updates!

Full changelog below!

Changelog Version: 5122020PR

-Added 2 Bosses, the UFO and... "Large Green Virus" *Remember to rename at some point eh?

-Added 8 direction movement, upgrade from 2 direction

-Added Intro cutscene, updated Title screen as a result

-Added Wave select with timeout function

-Added screen clear to coincide with bosses as well as at the end of Waves. No more rogue end of wave bullets!

-Added more messages to title screen

-Change made to fire rate, speeding up the gameplay

-Change made to borders to better reflect gameplay changes

-Changed Credits to thank Essential Workers

-Fixed neutral dashing (dashing next to the screen limits). Works as expected now

-Fixed glitch where #1 high score name would be overwritten

Wow, you read to the bottom? In that case, if you're looking for a real challenge, on the Wave select screen, move to Wave 30, then hold UP and press FIRE. Can you handle the 100th wave and beyond!?


5122020 PR Win 79 MB
May 13, 2020
5122020 PR 74 MB
May 13, 2020

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Tried it, it’s a great improvement (I probably could’ve done better playing at a decent hour)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!