Annotated Manuals (And how to read them)

The new update includes 6 annotated (and un-annotated) manuals. I tried to choose 6 manuals that stood out to me in one way or another. They all have notes however some have far more than others.

These may be useful to people who want to make their own manuals, and they make for fun reading material in general.

However, not everyone is able to read these manuals without the proper software/websites.

Mobile readers: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Desktop readers: Adobe Acrobat (Remember to uncheck the bloat-ware boxes)

Online readers: PDF Viewer (If you know of a better reader, please let me know, I'm only 95% sure this is a safe site)

(Also for online readers you can click the yellow notes to make the note stay on screen, they're easier to read that way)


Manuals 19 MB
Oct 11, 2019

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Thanks for the good work!