(Some) Feedback addressed

I spent about a week addressing some of the most important feedback from the demo. This isn't a major update, but it fixes some big complaints, like:

  • File Size! The game is no longer over 600mb! In fact, it's just about 50mb. The attract mode video was removed, and temporarily replaced with an in engine attract mode! However as I was exporting it I realised I had never actually programmed it... so enjoy 30 seconds of an un-reacting player ship!
  • Control Deceleration sucks! There is no longer deceleration when slowing down. There wasn't much before, but it was there, even if slight. You can now stop on a dime!
  • Character Select font is ugly! Well now its been switched to the standard font. The quotes were also changed for some characters, and Arnold's name was adjusted.
  • Octo is overpowered! He still is, but a shot limit has been added to try and combat this. I'm not sure how well it works, but it was the best option that I could think of.
  • Minor gameplay stuff and bugs! Some of which have been addressed, some of which haven't. The major bugs have been addressed, and some select gameplay complaints have been addressed as well.

That's all, download it and try it out!


Existential Crisis Win32.zip 124 MB
Jan 09, 2020
Existential Crisis Win64.zip 128 MB
Jan 09, 2020

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