December Devlog

Today I revamped the Winners Don't Use Drugs screen. Its been changed to say Illicit, with a new custom made font, and the JA logo has been updated using my good friend Manual Anti-Aliasing! I'm not totally satisfied with this yet, the more I look at it the more I see that I might change. But I'm mostly happy with it now, at least enough to show off!

Progress has been slow going recently. My computer died, and I was just barely able to recover the contents of the hard drive. Luckily my game is just fine, and I've been making some progress on it. Unfortunately the computer I've been using to work on the game while my computer get's fixed is sort of a piece of crap, so it's slow going. The game seems to average around 19-34 frames per second on the first level, I guess thats what you get with $120 and 4GB of RAM. 

Anyway, the newest addition has been all high scores now save! Through the power of learning how arrays work you can now save high scores in-between sessions. It's honestly pretty rudimentary stuff, but I've just never given the time of day to learning arrays. Now that I've wrapped my head around them, I'm excited to optimize some other data storage elements of the game!

Other than that, Accessibility settings!

There will be more in the future, but for now just these! Dark Back will darken the background, all the way to 100%, effectively turning backgrounds off (Which has no impact on performance, sorry). Toggle Fire does what it says in the screenshot, tap the button once to start firing, and again to stop. And Screen Shake just enables and disables screen shake!

Lastly, I've begun to work on an in-game manual. You can access it from the pause menu, or by pressing F1 during gameplay. Heres an example of the controls page:

This will be layered over game play, hence the opacity of the black.

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